Saturday, April 27, 2013

The last call to my Grandma..

It was on 18th April 2013 at 9 pm and I never knew that this would be the last call with my grandmother. 

It was the most precious moments of my life, we spoke about everything under the roof that day for more than an hour and I distinctly remember her talking about how her health would get better. My grandma was telling me that her surgery would be very minor, I don't need to worry and I was trying to hold back my tears, numb and could not speak. She asked me if I was still there, she knew that I had got emotional so she changed the topic and wanted to talk about my 3rd anniversary celebration. She was very happy about it and asked me how many guests I had invited and who all were going to be there. She was so proud of me and my better half that we could make this celebration happen. I also told her that I had taken lots of beautiful studio pictures in a wedding gown and a Chinese traditional dress and she told me that I would look like a Chinese princess. Grandma, I know that now you will get to see my pictures from up there and bless us during our anniversary celebration. 

It would give me a shudder to think of what might have happened if I had not made that last call to my grandmother, I would not have had my closure and I would have regretted not calling her my whole life. I'm glad we could speak Grandma, you are the strength of our lives and today I'm a strong woman because you made me strong physically and emotionally that whatever comes my way I can handle it and nothing can bring me down! You are my strength and my guide, keep blessing us from above and rest in peace, Ah Poh. I will love you always, and you will be there in my thoughts forever. Now, I know that I have an additional star shining upon me and protecting me. Thank you, grandma for everything and always being there for us. I love you. 

With lots of love,
Your eldest niece, Lilian.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

"You are the WINNER!"

I won a Kindle Fire HD at a Trade Show! This was at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where my company set up a booth to display our products and services with many other companies. The trade show was interesting, we had a lot of people come by our booth to check out what was happening and then during  our break my boss and I planned to visit other booths. We walked by few booths and learnt a lot about the products and services others had offered and also got a few freebies like pens, notepads, mugs, etc.

We were approached by one of the vendors to check out their booth and they mentioned that  they also give away a Kindle Fire HD each day for one lucky winner. So we went to try our luck and this was unbelievable! First they asked me to pick a coupon which was scanned with my ID, then scanned it on their computer and on their screen popped  up "You are the WINNER!" I was very surprised and almost jumped in joy, everyone clapped and it gathered the whole crowd from the hall. That was such an incredible moment. 

So we went back to our booth and one of my colleague wanted to try her luck so went to another booth where they pick winners to win a Palm Pilot and we were asked to drop our business cards for the draw. The winners for the Palm Pilot would only be announced the next day so I asked my colleague to inform me about the results since I would not be attending the trade show the next day. 

Next day, I was back at the office and my colleague sent me a text that ""You are the WINNER and thankfully because of your luck even I won a Palm Pilot!", I was really surprised and could not believe my luck. That day was fantastic winning a Kindle Fire HD  and a Palm Pilot, I use my Kindle everyday to read books, play games and browse but as for the Palm Pilot I don't use it because I have an iPhone to keep me updated. If anyone is interested in a Palm Pilot, feel free to contact me via comments below. 

A visit to the CN Tower

On 17 November 2012, I planned to visit the CN Tower and it was such a wonderful experience! I went along with my friends who volunteered with me at the Harbourfront and we had free passes to the CN Tower so that was already exciting!

CN Tower during the day
CN Tower at night

As soon as we enter in photographs are taken and we can purchase them as a memento. Then we went up in an elevator and in 58 seconds we find ourselves at height of 346m! The look out level had an amazing view and we took a lot of photos. The CN Tower was declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World and it is a symbol of Canada.

We went one level down to see the Glass Floor and the Outdoor Sky Terrace. From the Glass Floor, I could see all the way down and they were constructing a Shark aquarium which would be Toronto's biggest fish tank. I went to the Outdoor Sky Terrace, it was so beautiful especially at night when they change colours.
Glass Floor Experience
It was an amazing experience, I can't wait to go back again during summer to enjoy the view from the CN Tower, try the Edge Walk and to check out Toronto's biggest fish tank!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Beginning of a New Journey

Wow back to blogging after so long!!! Well now it's a new country, new surrounding, new life, new people - "New" everything. It feels overwhelming in the beginning but everything falls in place soon as long as you are willing to adapt to the new environment.

New Life has been a roller coaster - I missed home a lot in the beginning, but now after almost a year and half here I must say this place definitely feels like home! I've met a lots of new friends, mentors and relatives who have been very nice to me when I arrived. But the best part about being in this country is that I've learnt to be more independent and started appreciating every little thing in life.

I've visited a lot of  beautiful places and I'm definitely going to mention about my visits and experiences in my upcoming blogs. This has been a wonderful journey and I don't regret taking the risk of leaving home and exploring the new country, my home now! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's almost time to say goodbye...

It's really hard to say this but goodbye here it comes

Been here for a life time but have to leave soon..
Faced hurdles and overcome them here but have to leave soon..
Shared loads of happiness with loved ones here but have to leave soon..
Fought, cried, laughed with family and friends here but have to leave soon..
Seems like just yesterday I was born in this beautiful land but have to leave soon..

It's almost time to say goodbye to all my loved ones here, glad to have met such wonderful people in my life.. Goodbye to all here... And it's almost time for me to begin a new life in a new land...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happiest day of the year!!!

3rd February, 2011!!!

It is indeed the happiest day of the year!!! It is my first Anniversary, Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rabbit!!!

3rd February, 2010- My Big day, the day we vowed to be together forever...

3rd February, 2011- Chinese New Year, when all my relatives gather together to pray and dine together...

3rd February, 2011- The year of the rabbit, the Rabbit is a lucky sign and very lucky for the rabbits!! I'm looking forward to an eventful year ...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Golden memories with Grandpa

"A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart. "

Its all the memories of being held in grandpa's arms, the hide and seek we used to play and trying to learn a song sung by him that remains vaguely in my mind. I miss you my grandpa, I wish I could sit besides you now and look at you smile with those cute dimple on your cheeks.. You are indeed the most handsome and honest man in this whole wide world!

I love you grandpa, may your soul rest in peace... I miss you..